Why hire a wedding planner?

image by  Inside the Nook

Weddings can take anywhere from 50-250 hours to plan (Crazy, I know!). If you are someone who reads the below, and ticks these boxes then a wedding Planner may be for you!

  • You can fit a professional service like a wedding planner within your budget

  • you have no free time, have a stressful job or busy work/ family life

  • you have no idea Where to even begin & Feel that you are not the most organised person

  • You are short/tight on a planning timeline Before your special day

  • your wedding venue is an unusual spot, i.e; you have more than one venue locked in, your venue is a blank canvas that requires a lot of logistical planning and set up time/ effort

  • if it is very important for you and your partner to spend this time, as well as your wedding day celebrating and catching up with friends and Loved ones without having any stress or worry in the back of your mind. + if you are not wanting to be dragged away throughout your wedding day with any questions, decisions or issues that may arise.

why hire a wedding coordinator?

Image by  Jerome Cole

Image by Jerome Cole

If you are someone who wants to be heavily involved in the planning process of your special day, but would like to spend your wedding day enjoying everything that you have put together to create this day with you and your loved ones then a wedding Coordinator is Something that you Should Definitely Consider bringing on board!

a Wedding Coordinator will be there to take over all of the admin, Liaising, logistics, set up and management of the wedding date for you so that you do not need to worry about a thing and can enjoy the lead up to your wedding as well as your wedding day!

A Wedding coordinator may be someone for you if:

  • You have all of the planning down pat, but Would like a professional to oversee the final details and Execute your dream wedding for you so that you can enjoy it on The day

  • you are fairly organised, but would like a professional to go over and ensure nothing has been missed

  • you and your Partner Want to spend the lead up and Day of your wedding spending time with Loved ones, and taking in your Special day without Any stress or distraction

  • it is getting close to your special day, and it is all getting to be too much work and stress

  • You have a smaller budget, and cannot fit a wedding planner into this equation

why hire a stylist?

Image by  Smith and Archer

So you are someone who loves pinterest, but that is as far as your styling knowledge goes? And a huge Part of your wedding day is hoping to wow guests and have Your dream wedding to come to life? Then a Wedding Stylist is just the person for you!

A Wedding Stylist is for you, if the below points tick your boxes:

  • The look & feel of your wedding is one of the most important parts of your day, and it fits within your budget

  • You are all over the planning and organisational side of things, but styling is not your forte

  • you have a specific story you wish to tell, or theme you want to portray

  • you have a million ideas, but cannot narrow it down

  • you have a dream style for your Special day, but no idea how to Execute it, or if it is feasible within your budget and timeframe

  • you don’t want to be spending The weeks into the lead up, or the day of your wedding Setting up every element of your ceremony, post ceremony, reception & beyond